What are the Most Popular Online Slot Themes, and Why?

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What are the Most Popular Online Slot Themes, and Why?

Online slots are the web’s favourite form of gambling. These fast-paced games use a central random number generator to work out whether or not players have won on any single spin in a manner akin to a Roulette wheel. However, there’s a lot more to them than just the game’s mathematics and the mechanics that sit behind the reels. We’re increasingly seeing a new generation of slot games on the internet that use their themes to bestow a number of bells and whistles on their offerings, which definitely hype and intensify the entire experience. What are the most popular themes that are currently being used on the front end of online slots, and why are players so drawn to them?

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Magic and Myth: Legends of Old

One of the most popular themes for slot machines has to be myths and stories of old. We’re not talking about the stories of Ancient Greece so much as the folk tales of luck and charm that are embedded in popular culture. Cinderella is a good example – a story that’s inspired the Glass Slipper online slot from Ash Gaming. This is a rags to riches tale that talks of a girl who is suddenly and magically blessed with the good fortune to not only find the true love of her life, but he also happens to be a rather well off prince who is heir to the entire kingdom.

Why this Theme Works

It’s said that going to a casino and not believing in luck is like going to a church and not believing in God. All gamblers have a handle on fate and fortune, and even if they won’t admit it in public, they like to imagine that there’s some rhythmic beat to the universe with which they can somehow synchronise. Players like to believe that it’s their moment, much like Cinderella, to have the mysterious forces that sit behind every action in the universe all conspire at once to give them a huge jackpot win. What could be more suggestive of such a mechanism that the myths and stories that have surrounded our culture for generations?

Adventure and Treasure: A Quest for Glory

Many slot machines feature a theme that we’re all too familiar with – the legends of brave warriors and sword-maidens fighting their way through swathes of enemies in order to reach some kind of golden treasure and the end of the hero’s quest. Avalon II, an online slot released in 2014 by Microgaming, one of the original internet casino development houses, uses the actual Arthurian legend to power eight different bonus games. These include a number of free spin rounds and second screen bonuses where players get ready to search for the ultimate prize in the form of the Holy Grail.

Why this Theme Works

Casino gamblers often feel like they’re on some kind of journey or quest and that their slot session is in some way akin to a struggle. They don’t know quite what might lurk round every corner, it could be sadness or frustration as their stake runs out. Do they hold firm and keep on spinning the slot’s reels in the hope that their mission so far has not been in vain, or do they turn tail and head home? All those gamblers who continue to chase the win and who are ultimately rewarded with a large prize that they’ll cash out, somehow feel as if they’ve taken on the might of the evil casino empire. Through their bravery and tenacity, they’ve managed to walk away a winner.

Sports: Modern Day Superstars

There was a time in the past when slot machines were thought to be the vestige of forty-plus female gamblers. However the internet has bought online slots to an increasingly young male audience, many of who have an interest in sports. Games like the Argyle Open, a title based on the classic game of Golf, uses cut scenes and second screen bonus games that are not too dissimilar from those you could find in a real EA console game such as Tiger Woods’ Golf. We’ve also seen all manner of titles based on Horse Racing, Ice Hockey and you can even hook up with Ronnie O’Sullivan to play a few frames of Snooker on the green baize.

Why this Theme Works

With an increasing number of people betting on sports events, gamblers are associating their team or favourite player’s victory with a cash windfall. Alongside this the cash prizes available in some of the top disciplines are absolutely staggering –large amounts of money are now part and parcel of games like Tennis, Football and MMA. Players of sports themed slots get to feel like they’re competing for these huge ultimate prizes, and if they can use their skill then they could be the one to walk away champion of the casino. It’s that simple.

The Final Word

There is definitely more going on with online slots than just clever reel mechanisms and ingenious bonus games. Developers are now using slot machine themes to activate their audience’s subconscious desires and dreams to attract players to spin their games. From a casual player perspective this actually adds to the excitement of every single spin with the various sound and visual effects that are triggered when each reel stops in place. When you add second screen features into the mix, particularly those that require players to accomplish some kind of task to its full conclusion, you have the recipe for a hugely entertaining experience to which gamblers will want to return.

AUTHOR BIO: David Newstead is a casino connoisseur who likes to indulge his passion for slot machines by trying out all kinds of new themes and reel mechanisms. You can find out the games he highly rates by visiting www.slotschoice.com.